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 presents...  Olivier Sagory
Geometry and the abstract

Turning professional in 2008, after registering at Maison des Artistes, I settled in the region of Saint-Brieuc where I devote myself to my art. Working in a figurative style before 2000, nowadays I tend towards abstraction. I keep working until I find some rhythm in the composition, playing with colours and geometric plans to get depth, light to bring out an emotion... On my paintings, lines intersect and reveal shapes that everyone is free to interpret. Four easels and several canvases are permanently on the go until their completion. My favourite medium is fine and extra fine oil, (fatty pastel or pastel à l'Écu) that I work with a painting knife and brushes, indifferently, sometimes adding to it to create volume. Increasingly, I make my own colours with pigments, preferably in combination with tubes. The formats of my paintings do not exceed 120 × 160 cm.

I had the privilege of being exhibited at the Grand palais in Paris, but also in Porto Viro, Veneto region, at the School of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg, or in Kiev, Ukraine. I attend the painters and sculptors biennial of Brittany in Saint-Brieuc every year, and I am a resident artist at Nouvelle Galerie in Saint-Quay-Portrieux.

Above all, my painting is a matter of feeling, it asks questions about proportions and modulations of space. Music fills the workshop, the canvas awaits its first touch of color and off we go! With hues galore, shapes lose themselves in colour and the superimposed thickness of the paste reveals an outpouring of light...

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