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 presents...  Soizic Loquillard
Talent in all of its guises

After following a career in advertising and fashion for 18 years in Paris, Soizic realised her true vocation when she opened her workshop, first in Blagnac in the 90s, then in the centre of Toulouse. She spent 22 years there, accumulating a personal bodywork of paintings, with numerous exhibitions and artistic realisations in interior design for individuals, large companies, hotels, but also for ephemeral events as well as cultural scenery and decor for museums, town halls, companies and private parties.
Drawing since her childhood, she has refined her skills through lime frescoes, murals and screens. Her passion: to promote imagination and artistry everywhere, even for functional needs. In 2011, returning to her native home, she happily reclaimed her Breton roots, installing her workshop in Saint-Quay in her childhood district. Since then, she has exhibited various works and devoted herself to refining her painting and conceptual exhibition projects. In particular, focusing on digital art projects, where a tablet helps her keep her finger on the pulse.

The painter
Soizic has produced paintings in which aesthetic research alternates with the anxious truth of a character or of a pure state of mind.
Her current production displays a fresco of portraits of the artists who have influenced her and whom she brings to life in a very personal manner, fascinated that she is with the faces of those role models now passed away!

The conceptual columnist
The little chronicles are the reoccurring expressions of a coherent journey which is discovered day after day, ultimately to transcribe the pulse of an idea, an event, a year of news, a series of portraits For Soizic, it is the expression of a deep fascination with the snippets of life and death that she gets from the outside world, seen from the confines of her workshop, from which she seeks to find a positive thread.

Little daily chronicle for 2012
(in collaboration with Padraig Creston)

365 days of double vision: from 1st of January, everyone makes an image on a common theme, different every day. They both discover each other’s work on December 31.


Little chronicle of the news in 2020
(ongoing project)

2020: starting on 1st of January, Soizic captures one or two important facts from her TV screen. Every day until 31st of December, against the backdrop of current events, she illustrates the year by showing its darkness, but to better bring out its light: initiatives, humour, art and the beauty of the world.

The plastic artist
After such a long time producing scenery, interior design and decor for ephemeral and cultural events, it was only natural that she would complete her universe developing screens, totems and other creations that cheerfully punctuate organic shapes, often double-sided, for a dual interpretation of the object itself.
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