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 presents...  Étienne Lamoureux
Statuary as a monumental project

Passing through Paris, Brittany, Occitania, my winding road zigzags along artistic expressions.

Training as an art caster and statuary moulder (Atelier Lorenzi, Paris), I work with plaster, resins and elastomers for reproductions and creations. Art casting and moulding led me to creating decor and sculpture, reproductions and oriiginals in collaboration with various museums, theater artists and companies (Océanopolis in Brest).

I like wood, all woods, for its symbolic value, its material and its dialogue with hand and tool. I also like resins and plasters, essential working materials, as well as the majesty of bronze. From "reasonable" models I aspire to making large formats that stand out as monumental trophies to be contemplated as their intended nature.

My work revolves around the concept of humanity and its representations, adding the poetry that sees us go beyond the surface of things. My ambition is to arouse curiosity, stop the gaze and its course so that it makes us understand that art is an integral part of ourselves. It is a friendly gesture, inviting others to join in the emotion that does not seek an explanation for its own sake; where we share feelings that depart from the marked trails and join those, richer, of reverie, a constant pressing need for us all.
All my sculptures are faces and beings with unique expressions, like us.
They start as small-size models in the discreet corner of a workshop. Under the bite of the tool and the caress of the hand, these old woods come to life. They become art and aspire to grow.
All raise their voices to impose themselves by reaching a monumental size, asserting their original aesthetics.
Modern menhirs, timeless gnomons, watchmen and guards, witnesses of a will to share, they grow out of the cramped workshop to feed on the air and offer themselves to onlookers.

Some would go well in pairs to illustrate this, perhaps, premonitory poem:

And love is akin
to beautiful sentries
guarding castles
and sleeping gates.
  • Castings for Fonderie de Bronze (Landowski).
  • Sets for Théâtre National de Bretagne (M. Langhoff), Théâtre 332 (O.Borne), Volière Dromesko (J.M. Stellé)
  • Moulding of jellyfish, decor and sets for movies (Production Marathon) and television series (Dolmen)
  • Reproduction of architectural details (Ville de Landerneau)
  • Mouldings et creation of prehistoric animals (Parc des Eyzies, Zoo de Vincennes), and dolphins (Grande Galerie de l'Evolution) -  sculptures M. Luyton.
  • Models : Pont de Térénéz, Cathédraloscope (Dol de Bretagne), Pont du Gard (La Belle Création : R. Gestin)
  • Creation of jellyfish for the tv series Dolmen
  • Creating 3D shapes out of logos (Hyperburo, Galvelporc)
  • Making prototypes (Kholer)- Moulding abnd casting of the trophy for "Festival de l'Encre à l'Ecran" (M. Gadin)
  • Mouldings and castings for sculptors: Maridée, J. Legoff, N. Alquin...
  • Renovating elevations in Morlaix
  • Moulding of an otter head squeleton for Océanopolis
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