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 presents...  Pauline Hégaret
Science at the service of art

Ethnologist & political scientist, designer
Visual and sound artist, trained in filmic anthropology

Pauline also graduated with a diploma in architecture. This socio-spatial education helps her create artistic and design installations, such as the recent range of street furniture for the "Marine Village" of Bréhec.​

Passionate about science and nature, she is also a keen student of humanities and political sciences, and she is currently completing a degree in socio-anthropology, spending her time between France & Brazil.

She leads projects that can be described as being at the crossroads between visual arts, design and social sciences. She is researching the various uses and the interaction between "visitors" and "users" of both her artistic creations and designated structures.

In May 2020, she created and conceptualised the viewing of videos in an immersive and interactive journey within a 3D labyrinth, thus exploring the themes of virtual reality and that of motionless travel.

In March 2019, she programmed artificial intelligence to modify the on-board cameras of digital tools (such as smartphones, tablets, PCs) with a view to process their images through the prism of data captured by pollution sensors, using deep learning and collaborative neural transfer.

Since 2012, Pauline has also been carrying out plastic and scientific research, in particular around erosion. This extended and prolonged research has resulted in her taking residencies, organising sound performances and installations, and creating paintings and videos.

She aims to establish a bond with the landscape, research soundscapes, perform installations, record and sample soundscapes (via microphones and an hydrophone) whilst working on the uniqueness of each environment she explores.

Currently, she is conducting research in inspired organic design with a view to offer a response to the problems created by coastal erosion.

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La Nouvelle Galerie est la boutique en ligne d'Art Language Agency, agence de promotion d'artistes plasticiens.
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