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An optimistic vision of humanity

Jean-Paul Le Buhan discovered painting at the age of 17 years old. Painting and sculpting have always been part of his life; he describes them as "a necessity".
After following a typical professional career, he knew how to seize the opportunities presenting themselves, and he has been living from his art for over ten years now, something that he calls "an act of liberation".
This Breton plastic artist uses a rather unusual technique: he sculpts reclaimed wood using an angle grinder, then he paints it.
"I worked in different techniques for a long time ... and then one day, I found the medium that suited me! I like the rough and living aspects of old wood as a material. I incise it. The glyph rolls and deploys its wavy line. Lyrical, it grabs the colour that enlivens everything. Colour literally enchants me; it is the Light Vesture that dreams are made of. Humanity is a puzzle to me: isn't it so absurd and wonderful at the same time?".
Humanity is a theme close to Jean-Paul Le Buhan's heart. On the other hand, do not try to see the dark side of humanity in his paintings, because Le Buhan is not one of those tortured souls. On the contrary, he has a very optimistic vision of the world around him, which he conveys through his works.

"Contemporary art takes pleasure in necessarily displaying what is most horrible," he moans. He prefers to show men united by spirit. His works represent characters who are blending joyously and colourfully with each other.
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