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Le soir
A fascination for yachts

I am a city slicker, a true Parisian really! Usually, I paint women and exhibit my work in Paris, Cannes, La Baule, Gottingen... Suffice to say that the Sea was not very familiar to me until I fell in love with it! As a child, I was fed a staple diet of the adventures of Tabarly, Moitessier, Surcouf and other renown seafarers who instigated in me a love for all things marine. Since then, like all children, I had been wanting to sail on a beautiful ship! One day, whilst traveling through Cannes, I stumbled onto the Royal Regatta when all the racing boats were docked and I had, of course, my faithful Nikon with me. I was so amazed by the beauty of these yachts that I took dozens of pictures, just like that, for fun. Later, when I looked at them again I thought maybe I had found a subject, If these boats were often painted at sea, they were more rarely painted whilst docked, being made spick and span, and I found that the strong men polishing the brass on these luxurious machines were kind of touching!

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