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Catching the eye

Fabien Douzenel uses acrylic paints with a lot of fluo colors and opts for many themes: music, dance, comics, news...

"Exhibiting is exposing oneself. And it's not something natural. Not for me anyway," smiles Fabien Douzenel. And yet, he's going to force his nature: all this summer, the Petit Écho de la Mode is showcasing 103 of his paintings in its 600 m² showroom. "It's an incredible opportunity. There aren't many exhibitions of this size happening..." says the artist from Châtelaudren.

"It's the number that makes it interesting. It's an explosion of colours". The visual impact of the paintings is indeed immediate. The result of a break in his work, which began some twenty years ago when he was working in the field of artistic communication in Paris. "When you start out, you try to use all the colours. And then you get bored. And I arrived at the blue background and the primary and fluorescent colours.

As a backdrop? The desire to be seen. The sexagenarian willingly quotes the famous French poster designer Raymond Savignac, whom he met several times: "He told me that when he made a poster, his worst fear was that it would not be seen". He adds: "These colours are not often used in painting, whereas they are often used elsewhere, in signage or on construction sites, to catch the eye". With a rule: no black ever. "It seems to me to be an easy way to obtain light or contrast effects.
For Fabien Douzenel, it is about colours, but also a technique. "I draw, then I stick adhesive on my strokes. I apply the colours, I remove the adhesive and I colour the contours". Hence this aspect inspired by the clear line in comic books, with, in addition, an absence of curves.

It's not surprising: during his professional life, the artist has come across comic book artists, street artists and poster artists. His works, luminous and softly poetic, are a true mix of these influences. Between lightness and more serious subjects. The artist insists: "I'm not promoting a militant discourse. But I try to say things without exagerating. If people understand them, so much the better".

Among his canvases, his portraits of artists cannot be missed. Imposing reminiscence of various painters. Fabien Douzenel's "master piece". Who says, in spite of everything, modest: "I am more a creator of images than a painter". His painting, he sees as the occasion "to bring color, light, with this joyful exhibition which celebrates the summer and the pleasure to meet again".
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